Objective of the project

Сreation and maintenance of a productive process of interaction and recovering activities in some communities of Donbass. It will form a foundation for a social dialogue between the residents of the liberated areas and cities, on the one hand; and between the people, who reside in the occupied territories and in war conditions, on the other hand, and internally displaced persons (IDPs) and all other residents of Ukraine with the population of Donbass.

Donbass dialogue project is aimed at solving problems that are related to the establishment and stabilization of a peace process in the East of Ukraine. The main objectives of the project will let:
          — create and maintain productive interaction and recovering activities in some communities of the region;
          — create a foundation for a social dialogue between the residents of the liberated areas and cities, on the one hand; and between the people, who reside in war conditions, on the other hand, and internally displaced people (refugees) and all other residents of Ukraine;
          —  establish a regional centre as a platform on the basis of the results. It will let develop, test and implement practices to prevent conflicts and cope with them.

The idea of Donetsk Regional Mediation Group (NGO) is to open lively platforms for a Nansen dialogue in Donetsk region firstly, and in other Ukrainian regions with the lapse of time. Such kind of platform is well-proven in the peace process in post-conflict states of former Yugoslavia by using educational programs, trainings and partnership with local and central structures. In this activity the Donetsk regional mediation group will seek to cooperate with regional non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local administrations, national-cultural societies, communities, organizations and association of the South-East.

At the same time, we will develop crowdsourcing for the discussion of the most urgent questions and goals on a specially designed Internet platform. This is a discussion, which turns into an expert study of the problems and builds recommendations, projects, development of mechanisms and ways of solving actual tasks of Donbass and whole Ukraine.

Crowdsourcing allows to gather an unlimited number of participants, to set a goal, to work out with all possible algorithms of the decision, to choose an optimal one, to check for realizability, to get an expert evaluation, to develop an implementation strategy of the project and all this on the level of world standards, relatively in short time and for free. In contrast to forum discussions, as, for example on Facebook, crowdsourcing always ends by the making of solution.

The project will support the dialogue primarily at the local level, regardless of place, time and current context of activities (in the certain framework). It is obvious that there are huge obstacles with live dialogue between parties in the zone of ATO. However, the virtual environment of the Internet removes the most of them. Dialogue does not have a temporal, spatial and ideological restrictions on specially intended platform. Such kind of constant sustained dialogue is a guarantee that misunderstanding or provocation will not bring the parties to a new round of violence. As the Nansen dialogue implies the priority of listening before communication and statement, compliance of its principles ensures the dissemination of understanding of the events what happened and what are happening directly. And this will promote the development of skills for peace building relationships.

Main activities

The creation of centres for reconciliation and conflict resolution.
The development and implementation of practices of a social dialogue and peacemaking.
The introduction of social innovation and crowdsourcing for the productive interaction and recovery activities in the communities of the region.
Teaching a dialogue technique

A group of several people in Donetsk region are trying to create a platform of ongoing and expanding dialogue. 

Nikolay Borisov is a founder and developer of the project “Ukrainian Mediation Group’” (1994—2000). As a result, a network of public organizations and regional groups of the mediation have been created in Ukraine. A group of Ukrainian mediators under his leadership worked with the government and organization of “The White Brotherhood” in November 2003. This is a rare case, when the outbreak of religious fanaticism was extinguished without any victim. He has required competence and professionalism to complete this project. His personal experience of participation in the resolution of complex deadly conflicts in different countries is considerable (Former Yugoslavia, the Spanish Basque Country, Northern Ireland and Ukraine, with its a unique experience).

Valeriy Shtaba is a project manager, it-specialist, who is interested in crowd technics of social decision making proccess and peacebuilding. His activities are directing on development and implementation of information technologies for wide opportunities of  web in Ukraine. He also introduces the innovative financial instruments.

Daria Kuznetsova is a coordinator, specialist of social policy. She is interested in influence and implementation of modern social practicies, initiatives of civil society (in peace/conflict phase), innovative democratic tools.  

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